Boom Beach Hack

If you are reading this you must want to dominate Boom Beach otherwise you wouldn’t be here so let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. With the Boom Beach hack you can generate a massive number of diamonds on a daily basis but a word of caution, do not go over ten thousand. From our experience any amount under ten thousand and there are no issues but the system must have a flagging protocol in place for amounts over 10,000 so don’t go beyond that amount. This should be more than enough diamonds for the day unless you are a heavy player but even then it would be hard to use all of those diamonds.


More information about Boom Beach Hack:

In order to make the most of this gaming experience your system needs to exceed these requirements to make full use of the Boom Beach Hack.
Using Android Four (4) or iOs
While this Boom Beach Hack is considered ban proof you need to respect the request we made earlier to not go beyond the 10,000 threshold or you may alert the proverbial sleeping dragon. Now that you want to make the most of this hack you should download it right away and make the most of your time playing boom bech, you will save a large amount of money and be able to take your game play to the next level so do yourself a big favor and download the Boom Beach Hack now.

How to use Boom Beach Hack Tool?

  1. Install Hack Tool
  2. Choose your OS Android or iOs
  3. Enter your username
  4. Enter how many diamonds you want to get
  5. Tick Anti Ban and proxy setting
  6. Press Start
  7. Enjoy