Megapolis Cheats

We have the best Megapolis Cheats and know that you are just itching to start using them so without further delay it is time to start reviewing the benefits that are associated with these Megapolis Cheats. A little disclaimer before we begin though just to put things in their proper context. We are not going to ask you for money nor will there be any gimmicks, malicious code or viruses. Now that we got that off our chest we can look at how these Megapolis Cheats work.


These cheats will work on both Ios and Android phones so don’t worry about having to change devices or make any serious modifications to what you are doing. What you will need to do once the software for activate these Megapolis Cheats has been installed is log in as the administrator and once you have gained access to the administrators control panel you can make changes in the game without ever having to worry about getting your account banned.

At this particular moment in time you can easily add more gold and cash to your Megapolis account but there are new cheats coming out each day so do not think of these initial Megapolis Cheats is the end all be all. In order to make the most of these cheats you need to plan out how your city is going to look and feel, this game was originally inspired by the mother of all city games, SimCity and if there is anything we can draw from that came is how important it is to properly plan the layout and design of your city carefully otherwise you could be forced to tear down buildings which costs you time and resources.