Stardom Hollywood Hack

Individuals who are looking for the best Stardom Hollywood hack need to carefully review all of the different ones being promoted on the Internet before you can actually select the one you like the most. In order to keep your account safe it is very important to only use a hack if it is rated as “ban proof” otherwise your account could be banned for life and everything you have worked for can disappear in the flash of an eye. What I strongly recommend is reading over feedback left by other people who are using the hack but fortunately for you we have done the research and can assure you this Stardom Hollywood hack is the real deal. There is no malware, viruses or anything else inside the hack so you can install it with full confidence.


More information about Stardom Hollywood Hack:

The Stardom Hollywood hack tool uses proxy servers to hide your identity so you will never get caught. Now you have a virtually limitless supply of cash and stars to make the most of the game on your terms. While using these hacks can be fun you should always follow the rules, there will be people who try and overdo it, there is only soo much cash you can use in a day so limit that amount then use the hack again on day 2 and so on. By using this pragmatic approach to the Stardom Hollywood hack you will never have to wait to earn money or stars again !


  • working for iOs and Android
  • You can generate unlimited Stars an Cash
  • This Hack Tool use proxies which make this hack ban proof
  • You can use this hack once a day !

Instructions how to use Stardom Hollywood hack tool:

  1. Connect your smarthphone to the computer ( bluetooth , USB ) and press connect
  2. Enter how many stars you want to get
  3. Enter how many cash you want to get
  4. Press Patch. Enjoy !